Lodi Pumpkin Meet: October 11-12

We will be on the pool deck this Wednesday and Thursday to take entires for the Lodi Pumpkin Meet, October 11-12. If you cannot make it to the pool please email Anita your entries to Astoll2805@sbcglobal.net. We will only be accepting credit cards. Please email Anita if you are unable to make it to the pool, and she will send you the link.

Morgan Hill Meet August 29– August 31, 2014

Update regarding this weekends meet in Morgan Hill. Shane will be coaching on Friday and Saturday and Victor will be there Saturday and Sunday. Shane would like the kids to be ready for warm ups at 3:30 on Friday and Victor would like them ready at 7:30 on Saturday and Sunday. Also, we are in charge of timing for two chairs on Saturday and Sunday for lane 7 on the boys side. Kristen Montgomery will be in charge of assigning volunteer timers. The Friday night swimmers will need to provide their own timers and if counters are needed, there are some on the BTA pool deck, just make sure you let your coach know ahead of time so we bring enough counters. Attached is a copy of the meet


No Pratice 8/29, 9/19

We have Davis High coming in to use the MJC football stadium on 8/29/14 and 9/19/14. The locker rooms will be unavailable to us on these days. In light of this, we will be canceling practice those days. This will serve our kids as a rest in preparation for the swim meets we have scheduled those two weekends.