Team Suits

btasuitWe order our Custom Team Suits from Q Swimwear through NorCal. To order, please choose the style and size you want and contact NorCal at 1-800-752-7946 or online at If you have any questions on sizing, contact Kristin Montgomery at to arrange a fitting for your suit BEFORE you order, since these custom suits may not be returned once ordered.

Please Note: Due to numerous fitting troubles with the Girls’ Sun Back style we are removing the girls Sun Back style suit from our list. It comes only in Skinny Strap or Classic (both $57.60). For boys suits, specify if you want Jammers ($38.40), Brief (polo style) or Brief Classic (both $33.60).

Find more information here and here.

Meet Schedule Change

The San Ramon meet filled very quickly before our swimmers could enter the meet, so we are taking the team to Quicksilver Swimming in San Jose on June 26-28 in order to give our Age Group Swimmers another meet.

This meet is now open and you need to sign up for it as soon as possible to ensure your swimmer gets in! Please sign up for this meet through Swim Connection: This meet is for Age Group Swimmers and for Senior swimmers NOT going to the PLS SR II meet in Pleasanton that same weekend.

We are working on entering the team in future meets with Hy-Tek Files. We appreciate your patience as we work out the details; in the meantime, please continue to enter into the meets when they open on Swim Connection, because they often close before the stated date due to capacity.

Senior swimmers looking for more LCM meets may consider attending the Summer Sanders LCM held by Capital Aquatics in Roseville the weekend of June 11-14. Qualifying times must be met; they are listed on the meet sheet. We are not sending a coach to this meet, but some of our qualifiers are attending for extra racing practice. BTA will arrange for a USAS coach at the meet for you. Again, enter quickly because they cap each session at 800 swimmers.

Unfortunately, there are not very many LCM meets. It is great practice for swimmers to go to our Friday Mini-Meets in Merced with the Merced Skimmers and continue to practice their SCY meets. Please refer to the Mini-Meets postings for more details.

See you on deck!

Revised Schedule

There were a few mistakes, and a few new classes added due to high swimmer registration. Remember to sign up EARLY for your preferred time slot at Revised practice schedule as of May 11th, 2015:

May Schedule – Closed Monday, May 25th for Memorial Day 

  • 3:00-4:00 Level 2 (M T W Th –$75)
  • 4:00-4:30 or 4:30-5:00 Level 1 (M T W Th — $45)
  • 3:00-5:00 Level 3 (M T W Th F — $90)
  • Senior Group will swim at Brenda Athletic Club (on Norwegian) 3:45-5:45pm.

June-July Schedule

  • 6:30-8:00am (M T W Th) 3:00-5:00pm (F) and 9:00-11:30am (Sat) Senior Group
  • 1:00-1:30 or 2:00-2:30 Level 1 (M T W Th –$55)
  • 1:00-2:00 or 1:30-2:30 Level 2 (M T W Th –$85)
  • 3:00-5:00 Level 3 (M T W Th F –$100)

August Schedule (Begin Year-Round Season)

  • 3:00-4:00 Level 2 (M T W Th –$85)
  • 3:00-5:00 Level 3 (M T W Th F –$100)
  • Senior Group TBD
  • Level 1 TBD

Annual Swim-A-Thon USA Swimming and BTA Team Fundraiser!!

July 17th All Levels (BTA and Rec Team) Swim-A-Thon 3:00-5:00pm @ MJC Have fun with your team and see how many laps you can swim. Challenge your friends and family to sponsor you as you swim to support our team!

Summer Rec Team Meet Schedule (*BTA* see website for USAS Meets)

These team meets are casual events that take just 2 hours to do, give kids a chance to learn how to race and dive off blocks, show their skills, and race in relays with their new teammates. Each meet has a fun “theme” to help make it a more relaxed and enjoyable. Experienced swimmers from the year-round team help mentor their newer teammates at these meets.

June 5th  ”Pizza Meet” Merced Skimmers @ 5 pm

June 27th  ”Snow Cone Meet” @ Merced

July 11th  ”Freedom Fest” @ Merced

Aug 1st  ”Shuffle Meet” @ Merced

Wish swim season wasn’t over? All swimmers are eligible to swim year round! Speak to your coach for more information.

Summer Tide Swim Registration

Registration Days are set for May 11th and May 13th from 3:00-4:30 pm at the MJC Pool. Summer Tide swimmers register with both USA Swimming for insurance and USAS member benefits, and with MJC for pool usage.If you miss the Registration Days, you can register with Blue Tide anytime at and get an application for USA Swimming from the coach on deck.  Once on the MJC4Life page, sign-up for Level 1, 2, or 3 depending on your swimmer’s level. If you have not been assigned a practice level yet, please visit with the coach and arrange a swim trial for placement.

May Dues

With April coming to a close, it’s time to pay your May dues. Also, just a reminder that the pool will be closed May 4-May 9. Senior should pay their dues directly to Blue Tide Aquatics. Checks can be given to Coach Aguilar on deck at Brenda Athletic Club.