February 2 update

We will be resuming practice today for all levels. The pool is currently about 76 degrees (normal for us is 80). It will likely remain on the cool side for the next couple of days as they had to order parts to repair the heater. From what I understand the heater is working, but at half of the normal output. So, if you would like your child to swim – there will be coaches out there but if it is too cold than hopefully it will be a bit warmer tomorrow or Thursday and we will see you then.  
Coach Victor

No practice today

The MJC pool is 71-72 degrees today which is too cold for our swimmers. As a result levels 1, 2 & 3 practices will be cancelled for today only. The senior group will have approximately 1 hour of dryland but will not get in the pool.
We are expecting the pool to be back up to normal temperature tomorrow. Check back for updates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Meeting January 21st

We are currently seeking more parent volunteers to help with the team. We are having a meeting on Thursday, January 21st @6:30 at Stacey Hamilton’s house and would like all parents who are interested to attend. The meetings typically last approximately 1-1.5 hours.┬áDuring the meeting the following topics will be discussed:

1) Upcoming 2016 meets

2) Summer and Winter JO’s and Far Westerns

3) Swimathon

4) Team suits and gear

5) Summer Program

6) Team Officials

7) Sierra Nevada Transfer

Clovis Meet

 The Clovis meet is now open for registration. If you would like to attend this meet, please email Anita Stoll the following information…..
1) Swimmers name

2) Swmmers Birthdate

3) Events that you would like to swim

4) Previous times for the event being entered (if your swimmer does not have a time, please enter N/T)

*Entry fees are due the first week of January. Registration closes on 12/31/2015.