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Merced Long Course Pictures

Check out all of the really great photos from the Merced Long Course meet here!

Pool heater updates

All practices are cancelled tomorrow (Thursday, April 5) due to heater issues. There will be a tech on site in the morning, and we’ll update you when we have more information.

Update: Pool heater is still out of service. Contractor will be back tomorrow to repair a cracked heat exchanger if they can locate the required parts. All Friday practices are cancelled for now.

Update: All pool classes are cancelled through Tuesday, April 11 as work continues to repair the heater.

Update: All pool classes have been cancelled through the end of this week. We should get another update on Friday. We’ll be working on a refund/credit once we know the full extent of the outage.

Update: All pool classes are cancelled through April 22. We’ll provide another update when we know more.

Update: The pool will reopen on Monday, April 24.