Way to go BTA at the Tiger Meet

     What a wet and fantastic weekend at Tiger Aquatics!  Many PBs and quite a few qualifiers in new B and A times, as well as Senior II and JO times.  Great job swimmers and parents who supported them.  I lost count of how may tiger tails BTA earned this weekend- really week done!
     Special thank you’s to those who timed and put up shelters and took them down: Jose and Leia Pinto, Maria Lee, Francesca Orr, Anita Stoll, Stacey and Aaron Hamilton (also transported all the pop-ups), Dave Montgomery, Ken and Sue Nold, Ana Mak, Frank Damrell, Jeff and Robyn Austin, Kirsten Jasek-Rysdahl.  Thanks to Gail for sharing cupcakes in the team tent on Sunday and many, many thanks to the guy who celebrated his birthday officiating in the rain, Ken Orr.
     Working with fabulous parents makes the hard work (and rain) worth it.  The Coaches, Anita, and I appreciate all your help.  (Your children might not know or show it, but they appreciate it too– or will one day.)
     As always, if you want to be involved in helping improve your kids’ swim experience, please join us at our next meeting.

Touch the Wall movie

Touch the Wall is on Thursday, January 29th. Practice will end at 5:45 to allow swimmers time to get ready for the movie. The movie starts at 6:30@ Regal Modesto Stadium. * tickets have been pre-sold

Update: Coach Victor and Coach Shane will be at the pool on Thursday for the full practice. It it optional to get out at 5:45 if you would like to attend Touch the Wall.

Tiger meet

BTA will not be participating in the JO meet in February in Bakersfield. We have decided to participate in the Tiger Meet at UOP the weekend of February 7th and 8th. We feel this is a better decision for the team, especially since it is located so close. We will need to move fast on this one, though. We will be on deck to register the kids today and Thursday only. Bring your checkbook or CC. Meet sheet here.

Team Suits

btasuitWe order our Custom Team Suits from Q Swimwear through NorCal. To order, please choose the style and size you want and contact McKenzie Greene at mckenziegreene@gmail.com. We need a minimum of 6 suits to place a custom order.

Please Note: Due to numerous fitting troubles with the Girls’ Sun Back style we are removing the girls Sun Back style suit from our list. It comes only in Skinny Strap or Classic (both $57.60). If you have questions about fit please ask Kristin Montgomery at kristin@netfile.com or McKenzie Greene. For boys suits, specify if you want Jammers ($38.40), Brief (polo style) or Brief Classic (both $33.60).

Find more information here and here.