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July practice at Beyer

Starting July 2 through July 31, 2018 (no class on the 4th of July), BTA will be held at:

Beyer High School

1717 Sylvan Avenue

Modesto, CA 95355

Level 1: 4:00-4:45pm

Level 2: 4:45-5:45pm

Level 3: 4:00-5:30pm

Pre-senior: 5:30-7:30am (4-6pm on Friday)

Senior: 5:30-7:45am (4-6pm on Friday)

BTA pool update

Hello BTA families!

Many of our swimmers/parents have the Remind 101 messaging service on their phones currently, but if you do not, you may wish to add your phone to our list.  With Remind 101, we will be able to send quick messages to give an update on MJC’s pool, upcoming meets and changes in scheduling, among other information.  If there is much information to disperse, we can send a message asking you to look at our website ( for full information.

How to enroll into Remind 101:  create a next text message.

Type in the numbers    81010

In the message area type:  @btamo

After MJC pool’s accident on June 17, any groups’ ability to use the pool has been cancelled for an unknown time.  A meeting took place today with MJC and MCS.  Both groups are working together to make use of MCS pools to allow for MJC school classes and MJC Community Education’s classes to continue their scheduled programs.   In the interim time, Blue Tide Aquatics has been able to secure times with the Oakdale Aquatics team for BTA to use its pool during their hours while their classes are also being held.  We are grateful for Oakdale’s sharing of their pool times.

We started our group lessons on Monday, June 25.  Current swimming times are:

Seniors and Pre-seniors                             M-Th 6-8AM, F 5:15 to 7:15PM

Level 1                                                        M-Th 4:30 to 5:15PM

Level 2                                                        M-Th 5:15 to 6:15PM

Level 3                                                        M-F 5:15-6:45PM

We are working with Community Education to see if it may be possible to bring the classes back to an MCS campus while necessary repair and maintenance will be done to allow for the reopening of MJC’s pool in the future.

Refunding of classes may only be done through MJC – you will need to contact Community Education and talk with them.  During summer time, they are open Monday through Thursday.

If you have any BTA questions, please send an email to:

We will answer your questions as quickly as possible.  If you leave your name and phone number, we may be able to answer questions/concerns quicker and be able to field any/all questions you may have.

Thank you~

Blue Tide Swim Team